Jennifer Pos is a piano teacher offering private lessons in Toronto, ON. 

Piano Lessons in the comfort/convenience of your own home!
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Jennifer Pos is as passionate about teaching music as she is about playing music. Jennifer was born missing her left arm below the elbow. This has not slowed her down, if anything it has inspired her to be more ambitious as a musician and piano teacher. Being an amputee has given Jennifer a unique perspective on teaching music. She has developed the skill of thinking outside the box throughout her own experience learning piano and adapting music to be played with one hand. Because of this, she is able to quickly come up with ideas to meet the students needs and to help them face challenges and get the most out of their lessons.
Qualifications & Experience: 
- Jennifer has been teaching piano lessons since 2006 
- Graduated from Humber College in 2015 (Bachelor of Music)

- Teaches students ranging in age and level. Beginners welcome as well as advanced students. Adults are welcome as well as children. 
- Experience teaching students with both mental and physical disabilities.
- Experience preparing students for university auditions.
- Experience preparing students for RCM examinations.