"Track 3: "There's No Knowing..." takes "You know my name is Simon..." as it's jumping off point, progresses quickly through a rock-piano ballad feel into a full-on progressive jam worthy of Pink Floyd's best extended instrumental passages (from the likes of Meddle, Animals, Wish You Were Here). Ear candy for lovers of Prog or Classic Rock with Jazzy leanings."
- Todd McGinnis, actor & music lover
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    Track Listing
"The variety of textures, moods and layering of the keyboards was terrific. Lots of energy, really enjoyed it! Having the sax in the background on the first part of "Step Onto The Road" was a great effect, as was the vocalist singing like an instrumentalist which creates a haunting mood. Loved the Hammond organ as well as the drummer on "There's No Knowing." I look forward to hearing more of your work in the future."
- Rick Hiltz, guitarist
"Because" - The Beatles (Cover) arr. Patrick Nabuurs & Jennifer Pos
Vocals - Kate Buote
Vocals - Kalya Ramu
Vocals - Madison Wood
Piano - Jennifer Pos
Bass - Patrick Nabuurs
Drums - Chris Stewart

Mixed by Phil Spencer

"The More I Think About It" - Astronomer (Single)
Lead Vocals - Luke Paron
BG Vocals - Jess Rempel & Aidan O'Nadia
Drums - Alex Bullen
Guitar - Scott Samuel
Keys - Jennifer Pos
Bass - Hayden Crocker
Percussion - Justin McHugh
Trumpet - George Murga-Martinez &

Kyle Windjack
Trombone - Nick Marshall
Saxophone - Patrick Panus

Produced by Astronomer &

Ross Hayes Citrullo

"The Ballad of Roy Sullivan" - And The Poison Dinner Club Band
Lead Vocals/Banjo - Michael McGuffin 
Background Vocals - 
Piano - Patrick Dilkie
Bass - Jack Wiktor
Drums - Jack Wiktor
Trumpet - Jennifer Pos
Trombone - Nick Sieber
Tuba - Ian Feenstra
Alto Sax - Shaun King

Mixed and Mastered by Jack Wiktor

"Get Away" - Tasha & The Sweet Talkers (Single)
Vocals - Tasha Banate
Keys - Jennifer Pos
Guiter - Richie Nguyen
Bass - Hayden Crocker
Drums - Logan Coey

Mixed by Phil Spencer
Mastered by Reuben Ghoase